by uvalawkward

As most of you can tell, I won’t be updating this blog much during finals.  Fear not, though:  I can officially confirm that I will be back next year to help you keep wasting time in class.

For those of you wondering, the year-end totals for this thing were pretty ridiculous.  As this goes to post, we’re a bit north of 70,000 pageviews since it launched just over one week ago, spread out not-so-evenly across 55 countries (well, 54 — thanks a lot, Taiwan).  I have no idea how you guys did it, but somehow you found a way to spend EVEN MORE time online during finals season.  The top-viewed post was a recognition of all things great about UVA social life, followed in second by an amateur clown who hits way too close to home, and in third by a llama who looks exactly like I did in Torts.  Some of the most-viewed creations were user-submitted, which just goes to show that you guys are the bomb dot law dot edu.

Still, I wanted to put together a little something for my pre-hiatus update.  As a final farewell (until I drunk-post at Three next Friday), I’m going to use this entry for something entirely new and exciting:  UVALawkward superlatives!

The awards are as follows:

Best Anchorman-Themed University-Wide Emails:

Derek Leach

Best New Offices:

Career Services

Most Improved:

UVA Gray

Best Attempt at Solving a Problem with a Bigger Problem:

The Dedicated Music Room

Best Idea for 1945 Memorial Service:

Twenty-one forty-ounce salute

Best Way to Make Me Feel Better About My Own Finals:

This guy.

[UPDATE] Most Righteous Public Shaming of the Century:

Martha Ballenger

That’s all for now.  Check back sporadically during exams (HA!), over the summer, or in earnest upon our return to North Grounds next Fall.

Wahoowa, friends; and see you on the other side.